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Dear Tabitha (2014)

Dear Tabitha (2014)

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Veronica Vixley Press

About book Dear Tabitha (2014)

After the whirlwind emotional ride of Dear Emily, I did not know what to expect with Dear Tabitha. Could my poor heart take anymore? I loved Dear Emily so much that I dove right into the next one. I needed to know if Tabitha and Alex get their HEA. Either together or apart.As Tabitha and Alex's story continues... It is a story about growth, healing and strength. Not letting your past define you. Moving forward and transforming into a better person. Tabitha and Alex did exactly that. They are both survivors of their pasts. Trying to forgive themselves and each other. Can they move on together or do they have too much baggage? My heart broke all over again for them. Two people so damaged, yet all they want is a normal life and love. The love they have for one another is so intense but is it enough? Can love conquer all? I loved how everything was tied together and all the lose ends were tied up. Dear Tabitha is the perfect conclusion.In Dear Emily I was quick to judge Tabitha and even Alex. Due to the choices they made. But in Dear Tabitha, Trudy totally makes us understand them. Seeing their side through their eyes. She makes you put your own life and choices into perspective. That's the sign of a great author.... one who can make you think! This story is an inspirational one. It is for anyone who has been to hell and back... It totally makes you believe, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even in our darkest hour. The Human spirit is so powerful and resilient. This book shows life isn't always good or fair but it is what you make of it and can change in an instant.Trudy has created a wonderfully complex story and characters.... that you have no choice but to fall for. They will pull at your heart and climb into your soul. I will never forget any of them. Trudy has become one of my favorite authors. I look forward to her next book Dear Juliet and anything she writes in the future. There are only a handful of books that make me well up, not cry, but I do well up and Dear Tabitha is added to the list right along side of Dear Emily. Man that Trudy Stiles knows how to take your guts and just twist them with her writing. That said, I absolutely loved this book and how Tabby, Seth and Alex work on figuring everything out. Do not read this review if you haven't read Dear Emily, as it will contain spoilers. At the end of book one Alex returns to Philly much to the surprise of Tabby. He is on a mission for himself, to prove that he is once and for all over her and is ready to move on. Easier said than done. Some time has passed and the Tabitha he sees now is a way different version than the one he left two years ago. This girl is outspoken about her feelings and more confident than the Tabby he left. Tabitha is stronger now, moved on as much as she can from the past and is ready to work on her future. In her mind that doesn't involve Seth or Alex, she is just working on herself right now. What happened with Emily and Sara weighs heavily on her mind however and with the return of Alex, moving on isn't going to be easy. Tabitha and Alex started out pretty broken and met each other at her lowest point. They both had horrendous childhoods to overcome and then what happened in the past with their relationship, you just think it is safer to keep it in the friend zone. There is so much to clear up, find out and move on from, it seems impossible. Alex considered himself a glutton for punishment going back to talk to her, but just can't seem to get Tabitha out of his mind or heart.Things get pretty crazy for these two and there is more added to the drama pile for them to figure out where they stand with each other. I liked seeing a stronger Tabitha this time around. Sure she still misses Emily and Sara, but knows they are better off in their new homes. I also liked that she stayed strong with Alex and we got a peek into what really went down with those two and how the years apart may have actually helped rather than hindered.Again, this review is purposely vague as there are some wicked curve balls thrown the story line. The book is well written and tears at the ol' heart strings quite a bit. I see Seth may have his own story coming out which also sounds interesting.

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4.5 Stars - What an emotional rollercoaster! Give me a little bit to write a review.

another great follow up to dear emily. loved it


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