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Death And The Girl Next Door (2012)

Death and the Girl Next Door (2012)

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0312625200 (ISBN13: 9780312625207)
St. Martin's Press

About book Death And The Girl Next Door (2012)

I picked this up thinking it would be a 'rebound' type of book. You know, like a book to take a break from the ending of a really good book. Well I was expecting some steamy alpha male action, lots of sexy thrills and drama. I got the less stereotypical version of that and so much more. I just loved all of these characters. I loved the friendship Lor, Brooklyn an Glitch had. And for the first time in a bazillion years...NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Yes there were two insanely hot guys. Yes there was a lot of aggressive male attitudes but no love triangle. Amaaaaazing! The action and plot was incredible. The characters made me warm and tingly and the action kept me in suspense. I finished this in one sitting- no kidding.A rebound book never quite is a rebound book. Especially not this one. I expected quite a bit from this book because I have read other books by Darynda, and she didn't let me down! Lorelei is a typical high school girl that knows there's something wrong with her, and then she finds out exactly what, and it changes her life. Of course, the book is so much better than my sub-par description! Lorelei comes across as a bit naive and sometimes a little whiny, but in the end she is a strong main character and super funny! Of course i had to remember this is a young adult novel, so thats why she is the way she is. This was a great read that I just loved! Once I got over the naivete it was really great. The characters were fun and different and good for some laughs! Darynda can write a book, let me tell you! I cannot wait to read whatever series Darynda does next!

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very good really like it full of turns and thinks you would never think would happen did happen.

maybe another time. couldn't get into it. think I am over the y a genre

❦❦❦❦- 4 Floral Hearts! We've Fallen and There's No Going Back!

This book reads like a set up for a series.

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