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Death Of A Glutton (1995)

Death of a Glutton (1995)

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We like to salt in one of these Beaton light mysteries, about Constable Hamish Macbeth and the goings-on in his Scottish Highlands village of Lochdubh, as a bit of respite from our “heavier” menu of thrillers. “Glutton”, eighth in this lengthy series, is quite typical of the set – a death occurs in the village and Hamish uses little but common sense to identify the perp.This tale closely resembles the first novel “Gossip” in that both feature a crew of outsiders on a visit, one of them is killed, and most likely one of them is the killer. Indeed, a group of eight singles is on a match-making vacation organized by the two agency owners, one of whom, Peta, was an unexpected attendee. Peta is ruining things for everyone with her obnoxious overeating, exacerbated by her flirting with the paying customers and bragging about her wealth. When she turns up dead, the police superiors interrogate everyone at length and, as usual, seize upon one quick solution after another before Hamish uses his wits to coax a confession out of one of the visitors.So herein, nothing too exciting, nothing too startling; but a couple of hours of easy reading enjoyment that await.

Ah, Hamish solves another murder much to the chagrin of Blair. Who can blame the murderer of Peta Gore? She was most disgusting, having me gagging at some of the things she ate. Still want to gag, as a matter of fact.Food things are my downfall, I will admit. Watching or reading about someone shoving food into their mouths like there is no tomorrow makes bile rise in my throat. Can’t even get through 30 seconds of a hot dog eating contest.Hamish steps up quite prepared for the task ahead and the insipid little Jenny who doesn’t know her own mind so sees each man as a possible mate. There seems to be one like her in most of the stories so far and I am getting a bit sick of them.I’m not even going to lie – book nine is already called up on my Nook. These tales keep me entertained and I even found myself starting to like Priscilla a little bit. Did I guess who the killer was? Yes, in pretty short order, but I still enjoyed the plot and the demise of the glutton. This book is also called “Death of a Greedy Woman” – not sure which title came first or why the change. I give it another A.

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Hamish Macbeth, local constable of a part of the Scottish Highlands centering around the village of Lochdubh, has another murder thrust upon him. This time it comes in the form of the Checkmate Singles Club, an organization to match up singles with similar backgrounds, which has booked Tommel Castle Hotel in Lochdubh for a week of getting to know each other. Maria, co-owner of the Club, did not notify the other co-owner, Peta, of the outing, because she is crude, vulgar, has sickening table manners, and is generally off-putting. Maria had tried, previously, to buy Peta out; but Peta refuses, so when she finds out about this outing, she inflicts herself on the group.It all goes downhill from there.

Hmmm. I'm not really enjoying this much. I have heard the tv show is good, so I thought I'd give the novel a try. The characters are not very interesting or believable. The depiction of the glutton is one of the most hate-filled portrayals I've ever read. The character is so repulsive and the author and every other character loathes her. This is not funny or interesting at all to me. I feel like the author must have some issues with fat women. I'm not really drawn into the story either. All the characters are nasty and flat. Hamish Macbeth just seems like a self-satisfied twerp and his relationship with Priscilla does not intrigue me or even interest me. I hope now that the glutton is dead the story will pick up a bit. So far I am finding this book pretty charmless. Updated to add: finished this book and remain disappointed. The plot was thin, the motive behind the murder and the solution were pretty unsatisfying. I'll be giving this series a miss.

In this 8th Hamish Macbeth murder mystery, all is quiet in the village of Lochdubh until eight members of the Checkmate Singles Club come up to the highlands looking for love and for a week of serious matching. They are to stay at the Tommel Castle Hotel and director of Checkmate Maria Worth hope that the 4 couples will go home all matched up and loved up. However, the arrival of Peta, Maria’s business partner means that the week will not go as Maria hoped.As things go decidedly pear shaped for the Checkmate Singles, things are further complicated when a murder is committed and all in the hotel are potential suspects. Hamish Macbeth’s quiet life is disrupted when he is called to investigate the murder along with his usual adversary Chief Inspector Blair from Strathbane police.Will the murderer be found before they commit another crime and will Hamish solve the crime and get Chief Inspector Blair to install his long promised central heating in his cottage?Very enjoyable read – the stories are not taxing much they are a light hearted, easy read – great to read in between longer books. Looking forward to joining Hamish on his next adventure!

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