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Deep Autumn Heat (2012)

Deep Autumn Heat (2012)
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Deep Autumn Heat (2012)
Deep Autumn Heat (2012)

About book: I love a family saga. I fell in love with them when I read a series by Kristen Proby. I was excited when I got this one and jumped in. I understand that it isn't an erotica so there is no descriptive sex and I don't believe there is any cursing. I am sure some people may feel that it took away from the story because lets face it so many people who read books want that and look for that. I enjoyed it for the most part. I did know the entire time who the notes were from. It was pretty predictable which is fine, but it just didn't pull me in the way I was hoping it would. I liked Seb for the most part didn't have much of an issue with him. NOW, I will say that what I kind of wish we got more of was his side of everything. It seemed like it was all about her and that's fine if there is a good mix of both of the main characters if it is going to be written in 3rd person. BUT I didn't feel like it was about him so much as it was about her. I knew it was a family saga because they talked about his brothers, but to be 100% honest, I wish we would have gotten more about Seb. It felt more like HER story than anything. Deep Autumn Heat is the first of the Safe Harbor Novels written by Elisabeth Barrett. It follows the story of Lexie Myers, owner of the LM Kitchen diner and bake shop, and Sebastian Grayson, celebrity chef. Lexie and Seb have busy lives that have no room for romance in them, but somehow these two manage to get themselves into plenty of steamy situations.I really liked Lexie’s character. She’s got her head on straight as far as her priorities go. At no point does she contemplate leaving the life she’s worked hard to create to go follow some guy. I’m glad of that, because it means she’s no pushover. I also liked that she resisted Sebastian’s advances … but only so far. I liked Sebastian as well but had a harder time relating to the incredibly rich bad boy who can do whatever he wants. I did enjoy how Sebastian used his bad boy image to cause a ruckus in Lexie’s life when it suited him. The friction between Lexie and Sebastian is steamy and is well-paced. There’s a thread of danger in the story that Lexie takes seriously – something too few heroines do – and it helps throw these two together in some delightful ways. I will say that the danger itself culminated in a greasy/creepy way that I did not enjoy; but that may have been the author’s intent. The end of the book tied in the poem from the beginning of the story (which didn’t get much attention during the majority of the book), thereby setting up a thread that will run through the other Safe Harbor novels.My only complaint with this book is that the ending is predictable and is therefore less satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book – but I knew where Sebastian’s next restaurant would end up, and I knew that when Lexie decided she could go into the root cellar by herself (what’s the worst that could happen?), the danger was about to come to a head. The rest of the story was fun – I look forward to reading Sebastian’s three brothers’ stories. Favorite Quote:“Lexie,” he said in a low rumble, “I’m back to make those arrangements we discussed a few nights ago.” “Arrangements for what?” Lexie responded, pretending she didn’t know what he was talking about. Even as her voice remained steady, Seb could see her whole body was quivering. He couldn’t tell if it was from anger or nerves. “You know what for,” he pressed. “As I recall, you told me you wanted satisfaction.”One of the elderly ladies at the table gasped. Seb gave her one of his dirtiest grins. “That’s right,” he continued, turning back to Lexie. “Complete and utter satisfaction.”
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What's the difference between a stalker and an alpha male hero? I can't tell.
LOVED IT!! I can't wait until the other brothers' stories come out.
Loved this story! Want #2 in this series.
I can't remember if this was good or not.
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