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Deep In The Woods (2010)

Deep in the Woods (2010)

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1419928686 (ISBN13: 9781419928680)
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This is one of the "darker" bdsm romances that I've read. Darker in the sense of twisted and not kinky. This story shows the darker side and dangers of the BDSM lifestyle. How the sub can be so easily manipulated and abused.The characters were very much likable, the story plot was good but I didn't really get sucked into the book that much. The romance between Sophie and Dave was super sweet and lovely to watch but the book just kinda just fell flat for me. There were lots of kinky punishment and sex but it wasn't very ...steamy and exciting for me. Maybe it's because I wasn't that into their kink which was S/M or maybe because I read this while I was slightly sleepy. On a whole, I enjoyed the emotional development of this story but the steam just fell short of it. I wanted to give this book a higher review, but then I realized I wouldn't re-read it, and any book I rate 4 or 5 stars, I want to re-read, and I didn't hereThe concept was good, the characters were interesting and had depth, I was even okay that Sophie realized she had been brainwashed and enticed previously and we could accept that. Dave's motives and reasoning was solid and he was wonderfully perfect for her. He was funny, kind, sadistic and strongI guess the reason I won't re-read is that the book was done once I finished it. There was one outstanding item in their lives and it was solved and the HEA could begin. The journey to get to the end wasn't involved or in-depth, so there was nothing to mull over again and join them in their discovery - it was one moment, one instance, and it was all done

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Kinda wanted to know more about the relationship with Barry.

Finally, read this book. Fantastic read!

3.5 stars

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