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Del Material Del Que Están Hechos Los Sueños (2012)

Del material del que están hechos los sueños (2012)

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About book Del Material Del Que Están Hechos Los Sueños (2012)

I picked this book up from my library's selection of e-books on a whim. It was a quick read and I enjoyed a character or two but that was pretty much all. The book follows four main characters, two girls and two guys and the beginning caught my attention but then it fell quickly. It went from freshman auditions then skipped to their senior year, and I can understand the need to do that but at the same time I felt that we really missed this whole world. The author did try to touch on what happened in the past but I felt that it was just really shoved together. And again, I'm just so overwhelmed by one of Elizabeth's books. (I have like a lot of things to say but I won't)When I read the first chapter, several months ago, I actually thought this was gonna be bad. But I was so wrong. It could maybe look like a typical, cheesy story, but it is so much more than that.Beyond the writing -which I think was great- or the plot itself, this book encourages you to do what you freaking want with your life in such a good way. Maybe Emme and Sophie were not the best characters, but Ethan and Carter -especially Carter, if you ask me- are so real and so human and so easy to relate to, that I couldn't help but connect with them.The only thing I wished was for Carter to appear a little more in the book, but I'm fine with what ended up happening.Elizabeth is one of my favourite authors, she never disappoints me. Can't wait to read more of her.

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Reminds me of Camp Rock, but at a school.

Me ha encantado. Muy romántico.

Loved it nothing more.

highschool musical!

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