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Delayed Penalty (2000)

Delayed Penalty (2000)

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Akira Hayashi figured she would never be able to get over her fear of men. After the trauma she suffered, it isn’t surprising she is afraid. She doesn’t want to live in fear so she gets the help of a very experienced Dom and learns to embrace her submissive side as well as being captain of the Ice Girls. One night, while walking to her car from the grocery store she is mugged and she freezes up. Will she have a major set back or and who is this mysterious man who has come to her rescue?Cortland Nash had no intentions of returning to Dartmouth after fleeing to avoid arrest for murder. When he best friend, Ford Delgado, informs him he is in danger he comes straight back to keep him safe! What he didn’t expect was to rescue a beautiful young lady who was just mugged at the store. He is instantly drawn to her. So now he must keep his best friend and the woman he cares about out of harm and try to stay out of jail and alive to make sure he does just that. Ford Delgado’s heart belongs to one woman, but she wants nothing to do with him. And then to make his day even crappier, his “dad’s” lackeys come and jump him, injuring him pretty badly. When he calls Cort in, he never expected him to fall in love with the one woman he wants. Oh mercy! Bianca I must say this was my FAVORITE in this series. The suspense had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I cried like a baby also. The romance was HOT HOT HOT! Such a great read! I was an emotional wreck afterwards! In a good way of course! Can’t wait for more! If you like hot, steamy romance and suspense….this book is for you!!!! Bianca Sommerland entertains in her most recent installment of the Dartmouth Cobra series, Delayed Penalty.After being brutally attacked, Akira Hayashi, with Dominik Mason’s help, is finally able to come out of her shell and be around men. Then Akira is mugged while shopping and Cortland Nash comes to her rescue. Much to her surprise, Akira finds herself attracted to Cort and feels safe in his presence. Better still, Akira discovers that she can be herself with Cort, a beautiful realization, which endeared her character to me. Stunned by his attraction to Akira, Cort is willing to do anything to please her, including becoming a Dom. Dominik instructs Cort in a scene with Akira that is hot, emotional, and beautiful as Dominick passes Akira to Cort. Ford Delgado has been in love with Akira for a long time and tries to be happy for her and his best friend, Cort. But, when the three of them finally realize that they can be together forever, it is a nice thing to see. Their intimate play is inventive, intense, and scorching hot.In previous novels, Sommerland nicely balanced the current growing relationship while also expanding the relationships from the previous stories in this series; however, I find that isn’t the case in Delayed Penalty. Now that there are so many characters, I find they distract me from the main couple and help create a very long book. Thanks to these various characters making appearances, the Dartmouth Cobra series really needs to be read in order. From the previous novels, Silver, Dean, and Landon have always been my favorite trio, and I must admit I was disappointed with the way their relationship has progressed, making me hesitant to continue reading this series.With evocative scenes, likable characters, and emotional plot twists, Delayed Penalty is an enjoyable read.I received an eBook copy from the author/publisher for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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This series is so well written... I have a hard time putting any of them down.

Loved it! So addicted to this series. Hope there's more to come.

3.5 stars

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