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Delighting In The Trinity: An Introduction To The Christian Faith (2012)

Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith (2012)

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0830839836 (ISBN13: 9780830839834)
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About book Delighting In The Trinity: An Introduction To The Christian Faith (2012)

It will sound trite, but this title is among the best Christian books I have ever read. First, the idea behind the book is strong: to explain why the doctrine of the Trinity should be a source of delight for Christians. Second, the execution of the idea is outstanding; Reeves draws on the Bible and the biblical insights of many great saints of church history to ground his arguments, clearly achieving his goal of making the doctrine of the Trinity beautiful and delightful. Third, Reeves writes well, with grace and clarity. Finally, this book drives home the desperate importance of knowing and understanding God's triune nature. I will definitely reread this book because it has been good for my soul. I recommend it highly. Delighting in God as Trinity has become an instant classic! Multiple friends have recommended this to me, but its title put me off. I anticipated it would be dense with theological abstractions; instead it was humorous, clear, heartwarming descriptions and explanations on the life of our Triune God as revealed in Scripture. His side-bar notes on the contribution of figures from church history was exceptional. Personally, the author's emphasis on the Father's love, as revealed in the life and works of the Triune God, was particularly meaningful and a major theme developed throughout this brief book. I will be returning again and again to this little work.

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If your faith is not entirely trinitarian, start to finish, top to bottom, read this book!

Highly recommended!



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