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Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, And Raven (2013)

Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, and Raven (2013)
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Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, And ...
Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, And Raven (2013)

About book: So I found this and I decided: why not go back to my seventh grade self and read this? I picked it up and it surprised me. I really liked Annabel's viewpoint but Raven's was so cool. I gave her story 4 stars only cause I don't know her... Jeez don't judge I didn't want to read the second book. Anyway, I really liked these stories and I wish I Picked this up sooner. Maybe I might finish Pandemonium now... :-/ HANA:Hana omg i dont know what to say.. uhmm look, I really like you in Delirium like I wanted you to be my sister but when Requiem came.. err... i disliked you only by like 17% but when this came.. oh man - cue the explosions - I hated you. I'm sorry but.. I really just did. I'm really really sorry though. I don't actually care if you got jealous because you didn't experience all Lena's fun times but, take note, you also didn't all Lena's hardships so take a seat back Hana.ANNABEL:How should I sum you up? So when I was reading Annabel's story I was pretty much in a bad mood because I just finsihed Hana's story and yeah. But when She mentioned Conrad - Lena's Dad - i started to get intrested and be in the mood. I also feel bad for Bee to be hurt at the Crypts like that. I was in CLE class when I was reading that part and I just.. started crying and.. the tears were so real man. They were real.RAVEN:Okay when when i said the tears were real for Annabel - they were real-er for Raven. Just imagine what the little kid has been through (personally, I just have family probs too so..). From the little scared girl to the leader of a rebellion. I personally cried like from the beginning I was all laughing at her theories about life but when she explained her dad and mom they tears are just forcing to come out and when she talked about Blue almost dying (I know Blue died at Pandemonium, biatches) to Tack my sheets were already wet. Oh and Tack.. TACK!! I can't say I love him - even if I do. Because his and Raven's chemistry is.. JGHJKCBKJWGFKJBASXHAKLCH okay? so, Tack's name used to be Michael... idk what to do when i found that out because i was still crying that time and.. idk.. and when Raven found out that she was pregnant and she was planning to call him/her Blue I was bawling. And when I realized that Raven died on Reqiuem. Goodbye world. but raven I love you so so much i wish you know that.Anyway, that was my book review. See yah later guys!
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How these books are, definitely leave it open for another. Hopefully there will be another one.
So this was really good and it was nice finding out more about the other characters.
I just started it and so far it's really good. so glad it's in one book.
good book
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