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Dem Tode Nah (2008)

Dem Tode Nah (2008)

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About book Dem Tode Nah (2008)

Sometimes our best intentions don't turn out well. Sometimes our worst suspicions turn out to be true. Sometimes people make terrible mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes come back to haunt us. This book is all of these things. Linwood winds the mistakes of small town America into a tale of murder and intrigue. In the end innocent people are dead simple because they don't have a feature common to many homes, a mailbox. In the end the politician is just that, an untrustworthy politician. In the end the survivors piece their lives back together, never the same as they were. Goodreads doesn't allow 3.5 which is the ratng I would prefer to give this book.I like Linwood Barclay's writing style very much. He writes well and he writes about the ordinary and about ordinary folk, which makes it easy to relate to the cast of characters/ personalities in his book(s). He also has a very subtle sense of humour which comes out here and there.This book is a definite page turner. Mr Barclay leaves you 'hanging' at the end of each chapter, wanting to know more... while along the way you are trying to figure out who the culprit is (or at least he had me doing that).And yet, despite well-developed characters and a good plot I could not help but think the author may have had a tv movie in mind while writing this one. I found the plot becoming convoluted towards the end - to the point where, upon getting to the end, I felt everything was too neatly resolved.However, that said, none of this takes away from Linwood Barclay's writing style, nor will it stop me reading another of his books. At least not just yet.

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A good book, perhaps not as good as hoped though. Still worth reading

A great read with lots of twists and turns in the plot!

Very very good read from the first page!!!

Good twists. A fun read!

Very good book.

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