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Demon Dentist (2013)

Demon Dentist (2013)

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0007453566 (ISBN13: 9780007453566)
Harper Collins Children's Books

About book Demon Dentist (2013)

Suspense, Sadness and a whole lot of belly laughs. Despite this being aimed at a young audience, David Walliams' most recent offering had me in tears. Like with his other books, the characters are suitably well described so much so that you can actually imagine them living in your local town. As a primary school teacher I urge you to let your children read these books as he really has a knack of captivating the reader. Clearly learning his trade from Dahl. This book is "darker" than the others I have read so possibly not suitable for KS1 or more sensitive kiddies! As an avid fan of Walliams' books, I was surprised by his latest book. Either I'm becoming a better reader, or Walliams' writing style has decreased since his last novel (not counting picture book attempt N. 1). It is an enjoyable affair, no matter how many flaws it has, but it did feel tired, like he'd ran out of ideas, despite it's undeniable originality. I, however, did love the gruesome turn that Walliams' storytelling has recently took, because seriously, his Demon Dentist was deliciously evil in every way, no matter how one-dimensional the villain was (not even a first name). It's cutely gruesome (especially thanks to Tony Ross' illustrations) and despite a hugely unlikable hero, the supporting cast (including a colourful social worker and a dumb PC) do save the book from being complete utter tosh.

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Less realistic than Gangsta Granny, but with lots of LOL moments!

An excellent book- page turner for children and adults alike.

realy funny book and really weird like all the other books

I loved this book and it is a great read for children.

I love this book! And love the author David Walliams

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