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DemonFire (2010)

DemonFire (2010)
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DemonFire (2010)
DemonFire (2010)

About book: Thus far, the DemonSlayer series is not nearly as sexually charged as Kate Douglas's ultra-erotic Wolf Tales series, although this book is an erotic romance. It's not the same, but it does have its charms, including an imaginative world of dimension-hopping fallen demons, megical tattoos, Lemurians (think of the elves in Lord of the Rings), a sparkly blue will o' the wisp and talking crystal swords. Amidst the fantasy, small town reporter Eddy Marks unleashes her inner warrior and falls in love with demon Dax, who inhabits the body of a soldier who died in World War II. The interesting twist to their romance is that Dax can only inhabit his human host for one week, so Eddy and Dax know up front that seven days is all they'll have together. The last chapter was one of my favorite parts because it was very suspenseful; it's one of those books that will have you counting the pages and hoping there are enough left for the story to be resolved. The ending was by no means disappointing, but I'm still glad I have the second book sitting on the shelf waiting for me. It promises to introduce a love story for the Lemurian crown prince Alton. Demonfire, is a long way from the erotica we're used to from Kate Douglas' Wolf Tales series, but the detour was successful. Kate Douglas created well developed and downright lovable characters. I enjoyed the idea of having supernatural characters that weren't arrogant, and willing to learn from their human counterparts. If you're looking for erotica, this book probably isn't for you, but if you are looking for lovable characters romance, demons and talking swords this is the perfect book for you.
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Free e-book full of sex. No surprises Would not read any more in the series.
Interesting characters, interesting world. Bit too drawn out for my tastes.
Just bought on a whim at the used book store....
3 stars – Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance
Really liked this series.
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