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Demon's Destiny (2014)

Demon's Destiny (2014)
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Harlequin Mondadori
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Demon's Destiny (2014)
Demon's Destiny (2014)

About book: I liked the book. It was a fun and easy read.I wasn't as excited about Kane as I was about other characters but I didn't hate him. I liked Josephina which is rare since most heroines are horrible. Just think about the annoying Harpies who I had to endure again in this book.The romance was the usual PNR storyline with stupid reasons why they think they can't be together, jealousy and "mine" scenes (btw, jealousy is not sexy) and a predictable end. She returns from the dead, is suddenly immortal (what a surprise) and they'll have a super special baby.I enjoyed the side stories with Torin and Cameo although Cameo's interactions with Lazarus were ridiculous at times. The whole "I will cut your balls off" versus "oh, she shouldn't find him attractive" is seen so often in PNR. I enjoyed seeing more of William's children and hope to read more about them in future stories. So I was reading everyone else's reviews and was a bit nervous to read this book. I love Showalters writing and didn't want to be disappointed. First let me say that yes you're entitled to your own opinion and that's fine, but just so we know all the low reviews are wrong.I was very happy with this book. I loved reading about Kane finding happiness and love. I look forward to reading Torin's story when it comes out. So poo on you party poopers and a huge THANK YOU to Showalter for writing another wonderful book about the Lords
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Oh my god, KANE!! I'm so hopelessly addicted to this world.
Cant get enough of the Lords!
Excellent ending.
So good!
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