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Demon's Game (2011)

Demon's game (2011)
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Harlequin Mondadori
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Demon's Game (2011)
Demon's Game (2011)

About book: Gostei mais do que do anterior. Um dos meus casais favoritos desta série. Apreciei a força da personagem feminina, do seu crescimento, do seu passado e de tudo o que a envolveu. Não posso dizer que tenha desgostado de Strider, mas lá para o final foi lamechice atrás de lamechice. Manias. Dito isto, porquê um rating tão modesto? Concedo que este volume integrou um importante passo para os Senhores do Submundo - a conquista de mais um artefacto (de quatro) que lhes permitirá encontrar a Caixa de Pandora - no entanto, e posso estar a contradizer-me em relação a volumes anteriores, foi dada muita importância às harpias. Não é que tenha desgostado; fugiu à regra, foi mais violento e sanguinário que os anteriores, mas os Senhores do Submundo, embora tenham aparecido, tornaram-se o pano de fundo. Enfim. Something about Strider's demon always makes me laugh. "Win" all day, everyday. Seriously, Defeat's dialogue/vocabulary is the best. Which is why I absolutely had to keep reading this series out of order. I just needed more "Win" in my life.A whole book full of it.Also, harpies, man. Fucking harpies. I love them. Such badass bitches. Kaia is my favorite, for sure. She's sexy as hell, a tad childish, and she dangerous as fuck. Love her. She's my ideal.Wait... what does having a harpy as an ideal say about me?Fuck it, I don't care.I'm still hoping for mermaids in this series one day, but they're pretty similar to harpies in certain aspects... kind of. It's the whole sexy as sin but cold-blooded killers thing. You know, badass bitches. But with fins instead of wings.Okay, their myth is different and they seem stupid or childish because they don't know about the human world (understandable since they live in the goddamn water) and they sometimes forget their human lovers can't breathe underwater so they drown them, but you know, they're still kind of like harpies.I'm gonna start the campaign #ShowalterMermaids and maybe she'll put a mermaid in one book. Just one. That's all I'm asking. She already has sirens and harpies. Why can't I have mermaids too?Back to the book... I don't know, I lost my train of thought because of mermaids. Just know I liked this one a lot, possibly more than the other two (or is it three?) I've read so far.
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I love Stridey-Man!!!!setelah 'agak' kecewa sama cerita sebelum ini, akhirnya dibikin bahagia lagi oleh Mbak Gena lewat Strider.daya tarik lebihnya juga lewat sosok Heroine, si Kaia, kakaknya Gwen, jadi tokoh cewek favorit kedua setelah Anya \o/OH! misteri siapa sebenarnya si William akhirnya juga terjawab di sini. banyak kejutan, as usual, berisi potongan-potongan masalah Ksatria yang bakal dapat giliran jadi tokoh utama selanjutnya, bikin nggak sabar buat baca.daaaannn .... yang paling bikin bahagia dari seri ini tentu saja berarti, akhirnya, giliran PARIS segera tiba!! uhuuuyyyyy ...iya, ini bukan review. cuma ocehan. yang penting kita semua bahagia dan Paris pun akan segera bahagia :')review jelas ntar deh. kalau ndak males :p
Another fabulous addition to the LOTU series. I've disliked the various villains before (out of principal) but I HATED Kye's mother. She was just.... gah!!! But I mean 'gah' in a good way. You made this villain as hateable as you made the two leads lovable (in a bloodthirsty kick-ass kind of way). I wish there would have been just a tiny bit more William in this book, but I'm sure the next few pick up where he left off. Thank you for his tiny spotlight, it was appreciated. :)
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