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Dengeki Daisy 02 (2011)

Dengeki Daisy 02 (2011)

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About book Dengeki Daisy 02 (2011)

A great shojo series. The perfect amount of 'heart fluttery' moments between Teru and Kurosaki (aka Daisy) to make this shojo fan happy. I also love how the story is slowly allowing for Teru to create a new "family" around herself (since she was left alone after her older brother died), and I adore how protective and caring that new "family" is towards Teru. I wonder how long the author will wait before allowing Teru and Kurosaki to confess their growing love for each other? Happy to keep reading this one... [Ch. 5-9:]Pretty good volume. I usually write things down that I want to talk about after finishing a chapter, but not a whole lot happened.I'm happy that Teru and Kiyoshi will continue being friends. His "boss" is very cruel, intentionally trying to kill him like that. I wonder what Kurobaki did in the past that was so bad? I ship him and Teru, but he must've done something pretty bad if her brother didn't want them to get together.

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Still really liking this manga series. I love Daisy!

I like this series. :)

Highly recommended!!

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