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Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 3 (2008)

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 3 (2008)

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About book Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 3 (2008)

If I told my Dad to go bald as much as Teru tells Kurosaki to go bald, he would say,"I'M ALREADY BALD, JOKE'S ON YOU!!!!"Instead of just bluntly taking Teru's words like Kurosaki.SHE SAYS IT SO MUCH."Go bald, Kurosaki!"But why?Is it because she thinks hair is a man's most treasured treasure?Is it because she WANTS him to go bald?Is it because she's jealous of his hair?IS IT BECAUSE IT'S A WEIRD JAPANESE PHRASE THAT WE AMERICANS DO NOT SAY OFTEN NOR CLEARLY UNDERSTAND OR SAY WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE A COMPLETE DORK????(*Ahem) Anyway, wow. This cliffhanger almost got me.GOOD THING I ALREADY HAD VOLUME 4 ON HAND!So, advice to my dear, lovely review readers: If you're gonna buy volume 3, buy volume 4 in advance so you don't end up going to the library and seeing that ALL THE BOOKS FREAKING DISAPPEARED. Because that is what happened to me and Dengeki Daisy.I GOT SO UPSET.One day all the volumes were there. THE NEXT DAY THEY WERE GONE FOREVER!I mean I get why people love books and I will fangirl with those other fangirl book lovers but HEY, THAT WAS MEAN OF THEM.Dengeki Daisy is like no manga I've ever read before. It is funny and yet can be very, very serious.Plus it is also very suspenseful how Teru and Kurosaki love each other, but neither one really knows except for the readers and the rest of the characters.And it's also nice how it's a secret and that they don't hurry and start making out.Even though I really would like them to because if I was in Teru's place, I would love to begin love-love-loving Kurosaki. Teru uncovers the secret but she doesn't let on that she knows, hoping that things will remain as they are between her and DAISY/Kurosaki. A lot of things start making sense now about Kurosaki's behavior and Teru is falling fast.Kurosaki's friends have bigger roles in the story, especially Riko-san who used to be Teru's brother's girlfriend and now is Teru's friend and roommate.Fun characters, interesting plot and an intriguing ongoing mystery.

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The action between (i mean most of it) Teru and Kurosaki finishes in this volume, pity.

Rating 4,5 stars.


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