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Denim Diaries 2: Grown In Sixty Seconds: Denim Diaries 2: Grown In Sixty Seconds (2009)

Denim Diaries 2: Grown in Sixty Seconds: Denim Diaries 2: Grown in Sixty Seconds (2009)
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Denim Diaries 2: Grown In Sixty Secon...
Denim Diaries 2: Grown In Sixty Seconds: Denim Diaries 2: Grown In Sixty Seconds (2009)

About book: I have finished this book two weeks ago .This book reminds me of things in life beacuse we will never know what will happen in life that will make changes in your life . The same way Patince got pregnet and she didnt expect to get pregnet beacuse she wanted to go to collage with Denim gives a good example why you never know what will happen weather its good or bad things in life. I can relate to this book beacuse I related it to one of my family members I have seen on christmas day of 2012 and the day before 2013 came .Then all of a sudden he passed away on the first day of 2013 and no one in the family expected that to happen,just like Patince didnt expect to get pregnet. After Denim found out what have happened things got twisted and their friendship ended for awhile.One day while Denim was at the store she pataince and they acidently ran into each other then Patince started to have pain at that time Denim decide to talk her to the hospital where hey boyfriend will be waiting for her to see what has happened. A few days later Patince ended up in the hospital aging beacuse she had passed out and was in a coma for about two weeks and while she was in the hospital Denim started to visit her and forgive her for getting pregnet an when Patince woke up she was surprised to see Denim in the room with her .There on out they became friends againg just like any regular pair of friends .As you can see life brings drama arugements and unexpected situations throught life .This book was very interesting and good to read . It doesnt hurt to look at a cover an start reading . Reading this book ive seen alot of myself in Denim. Im going through problems with friends, family, and school which puts me under alot of stress and sometimes makes it hard for me to let people know whats going on with me. Teens all over the world can relate to Denim and her situation some dont cope with their problems like her instead the cope with drugs or drinking, this book shows them that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Denim is going through drama wit her bestfriends Demario and Patrice who had went into early labor and is now in a coma. Denim blaims herself for not being there for Patrice and doesnt know how to be there for Demario whom feels he's about to loose his eveything. Her boyfriend Dre who's under protective costudy and couldnt explain to her why he just up and lefted her until the end, has taken her on an emotional ride when beings to miss him. The problems that have evolved through being assosciated with Lil Carl whom was just her patient, but he must have thought they were closer due to the kiss has her being claimed by his gang and almost jumped by the girls who are down that seem not to like her. From day one Denim's Life had her spinning in circles for a momment where she coudn't think straight going through many trials has made it hard for Denmin to express herself to others except her diary.
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This book is so good .Its do many setting ,different events , and alot of suprises.I love this book.
this book was sad but really good i love this book
its good
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