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Der Kuss Des Wikingers: Roman (2011)

Der Kuss des Wikingers: Roman (2011)

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Bastei Lubbe

About book Der Kuss Des Wikingers: Roman (2011)

This book seemed significantly more light-hearted than the other books in this series. Even the funnily charming twins Toste and Vagn couldn't keep up with these two main characters.Caedmon was pretty magnificent. I did not enjoy his constant complaining about his children and how many there were, and how many weren't his. But he took care of them and through various scenes, despite what he said, it was made really clear that he loved all his children. His sense of chivalry was missing, but there was a certain amount of nobility without arrogance and pride that made him extremely charming and likable.Breanne was very prickly. However, she was still likable as well. It seemed she was constantly keeping people at arms length, when she had seemingly little cause to do so. I think she was just a practical female that wasn't used to having feelings for men. So she reacted with her temper. It made for some funny scenes, and Caedmon was made even more charming by being able to disarm her.The plot moved along perfectly. The only part that dragged was all the talk of the food. Every chapter there was a feast, and therefore a long description of the feast. It wasn't necessary, but it did lend a certain amount of ambiance with the other environment descriptions. The romance between the characters was very moving, although a little unsatisfying. Instead of either of them standing and fighting for each other, they were kind of forced together. I would have preferred they made the decisions themselves to say they were in love and get married, but it was more realistic that both of them allowed themselves to get swept along. They were definitely characters that deserved happily ever after. I'm a huge fan of Hill's earliest Viking romances. Years ago, I popped down her first six Viking I novels and the first two Viking II's like candy. Hill is one of the best romance novelists in the historical romance market. She always manages to blend outrageous humor with a degree of historical credibility. Readers can tell she is very in love with her subject, she is just plain fun, interesting, and sexy to read. You can't ask for much more in a romance novel. "Viking in Love" did not hit the spot for me, and I hope it's not a sign I've "outgrown" Hill's style. All her trademark elements are present -- tough, smart heroines, heroes skirting the line of gentleman/savage, vivid setting of ninth century Britain, interesting secondary characters and subplots, great tension and conflict, life-and-death danger, and humor ranging from hysterically funny to crassly realistic. I just didn't find myself warming up to Caedmon, this novel's hero."Viking in Love" plays out a bit like a high-drama opera or play. From page 1, the heroine, Breanne, is in trouble. After murdering their married sister's abusive husband, Breanne and her four sisters seek shelter and protection at Caedmon's modest keep. The princesses want to evade Saxon authorities who will surely execute them for murdering a high-standing Saxon nobleman. After their "visit" to very-distant kinsman Caedmon, they will happily return to the Norselands.Caedmon is a commoner, world-weary, war-weary, and wife-weary. The last thing he wants or needs is the risk of offending his king and losing his modest estate, Larkspur, or even his head for succoring criminals. The princesses have made themselves quite at home at Larkspur, providing much-needed order and repairs, but apparently this isn't good enough for Caedmon, he requires Breanne to be his sexual relief as well to compensate for HIS trouble in sheltering them. Caedmon is just too mercurial and weird for me to like. He expresses disgust with King Edgar's immoral sexual practices -- raping a nun and keeping her as a sex captive -- yet he has no compunction requiring sex from Breanne in return for his protection. He denies any real feelings for Breanne, doesn't want anymore children, and doesn't want a new wife. He is ultimately forced to marry her due to a prank set up by his poor, grubby kids landing them in a compromising position.The author tries to make a case for Caedmon -- growing up poor, landless, motherless, having been widowed twice, forced to take in children probably not his. While it's fine for a hero or a heroine to be out of touch with their feelings, I simply never felt Caedmon addressed and resolved his fears and his feelings. Most of his attitudes toward Breanne strike me as very cold and selfish and even predatory.On the plus side, I loved the presentation in this book. The story is presented a bit like a Viking saga or history. Hill knows how to find the humor in anything and she has that rare gift for credible dark humor. The age in question really does lend itself to a lot of political incorrectness and Hill tackles it with aplomb and fun. This is a nice read, but I've read better books by Hill.

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I am so glad Mrs. Hill is doing a book for each sister, they are very funny! Loved this book...

That it is good to have a supporting loving family to back you up when you need them.

Funny. Great characters.

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