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Der Magische Elfenbund Zarias Geheimnis (2010)

Der Magische Elfenbund Zarias Geheimnis (2010)

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About book Der Magische Elfenbund Zarias Geheimnis (2010)

Zaria has finally turned fourteen, the age when all young fairies learn about their magic and receive their wands. Zaria is an extremely rare violet fairy, meaning she has a massive amount of magic reserves and power. To help Zaria learn to use her vast power responsibly, she is assigned a mentor. There is something creepy about Lily Morganite and as soon as Zaria starts working with her life starts getting complicated. [return][return]This was a really fun read. I’ve finished several really well written fairy stories lately, but each one has had a really different take on fairy society. Having a set amount of magic to use in a lifetime was an interesting concept. All the fairy names were either gemstones or flowers, which was creative detail I loved. [return][return]I liked Zaria right away, but all the other characters felt realistic, in fact, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Leona. I really enjoyed the message about strong friendships that came through. It would have been easy to have friendships fall apart especially with the emphasis on who has more power. Friendship gone wrong is a common theme for teen girl stories and I was happy it didn’t go that way. [return][return]The plot was a little slow to take off, but ended up being solid and somewhat unpredictable. I wasn’t sure how it would all play out. There were lots of little twists I wasn’t expecting which is always a bonus for me. [return][return]There are lots of interesting details that are left open for another story so I’m really hoping VH writes it soon. Yes, this is a juvenile fiction book! I was desperate for something to take on a trip and when I the other Victoria Hanley book I wanted wasn't available, I opted for this one anyway! I found it wonderfully amusing...all about fairies and genies and how their world is governed and also sort of interconnected and influenced by Earth. Explores and explains who leprechauns and gremlins are, all within the empowering story of a strong-willed, orphaned and very talented young fairy, named Zaria Tourmaline. Definitely recommend it of a light, fun read!

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I read a lot of YA fiction but I think, on this occasion, that this was a little too young for me.

A new world with a twist on the stereotypical fairy godmother.

i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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