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Der Preis Der Ewigkeit (2014)

Der Preis der Ewigkeit (2014)

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3862788695 (ISBN13: 9783862788699)
Mira Taschenbuch

About book Der Preis Der Ewigkeit (2014)

*3,5I liked this book more than I first thought I would. When I first started reading it I had a feeling that I wouldn't like it, because everything just felt very flat to me.Halfway through the book things started to pick up for me, and there was a little bit more action.I only gave this book a 3,5 star rating, because I felt some events were rushed. Also for me the final confrontation was just to easy.Overall I still really liked this book. No matter how good or bad a series is, it's always a bit depressing reading and finishing the last book. It's as if you're saying goodbye to something that was a part of you. Closing any book slightly tilts the axis my world is hinged on and I'm left disoriented for a while. Which is exactly the way I'm feeling right now, having finished the Goddess Inheritance. While it wasn't as adventurous or magical as the previous Goddess novels, it was a fitting end to a wonderful series. The main reason I gave Inheritance a three star rather than two stars was the simple fact that I loved the series. The previous two novels had kept me in so much suspense that most of the events that occurred in this novel didn't disappoint me as much. At least I got to know what happened. On to why I wasn't as enraptured by Inheritance as I was by Test and Interrupted: the suspense that was done so wonderfully in the previous novels was just overkill in Inheritance. More than half the book is about Kate's struggle to make a decision about saving her son and husband in exchange for her freedom. There were lots of plans-failed ones-by both Henry and Kate to try to keep the other from sacrificing him/herself by doing the same them-self. It all got very tedious. And could have possibly been solved if they'd both just worked as a team. Another irritation was that the damn council (mainly Walter) wouldn't let Kate participate in the battles much like in the last two books. Kate seems much more weepy in this novel, I guess that can be excused by the fact that her baby isn't with her having just given birth. But I felt for her plight and could understand why she did what she had. I just missed her resilient attitude. Finally I've gotten my hands on Goddess Legacy so I won't exactly have to say goodbye yet to the Goddess world. It was a magical adventure.

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I mainly skimmed this and read the last chapter which basically summed everything up.

Compared to the others, this book was somewhat of a disappointment.

I loved this ending. everything was wrapped up nicely.

The best series I have red in a while

Loved it!

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