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Der Sommer Der Lady Jane (2013)

Der Sommer der Lady Jane (2013)

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3802588665 (ISBN13: 9783802588662)
Egmont LYX

About book Der Sommer Der Lady Jane (2013)

I loved everything about this book: Plot, hero, heroine, side characters, setting. It was a perfect HR read for me. I especially loved the swimming scene and the way the author had them admit their love for each other. Very sweet. I'm a sucker for wounded heros and smart heroines which is probably another reason I gave this five stars.Kate Noble will be an automatic buy for me going forward. More of a four and a half star. This one made me cry. The heroine had real life problems like a father with Alzhiemers and a feckless brother. Oh, how I wanted to throttle Jason, but I thought he was realistic. Really good romance (loved the swimming scene) and I enjoyed how all the main characters grew and changed.I will be watching for more books from Ms. Noble. Could not stop reading this one till I finished it!

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should have been better.

Too graphic

So cute!!

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