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Der Thron Der Welt (2013)

Der Thron der Welt (2013)

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About book Der Thron Der Welt (2013)

His name was Hero. The name was so unlikely that it was funny. He was a messenger who met up with Captain Vallon who formed the party to go to Anatolia to ransom a gentleman. The characters that joined the party were priceless. The party sailed to Iceland to get a falcon which was the ransom, they failed to make a right turn toward the English Isles and ended up taking a most dangerous and lengthy trip from the tip of Norway to Anatolia. The characters that bonded along the way were Wayland, the falconer, Vallon, and Hero. The book was full of twists and turns of every kind, mostly dangerous. I cannot do justice in reviewing the book because there was so much activity going on with the characters. The author's descriptive powers were some of the best I have read. His mechanics of good writing were excellent. When the journey was over, the poignancy of their last words was palpable. I highly recommend the book.The author wrote about Temur and Sulieman, well known characters, but the timeframes of their lives did not fit with the book. I do not think the author made a mistake, but I was just too tired from the journey to research effectively. Thank you, Mr. Lyndon, for a good read. This is a doorstop! It took me two weeks to finish, but was worth it. Historical fiction set around 1070 AD, an accidental group of adventurers is travelling from France, to England, to Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and Turkey to capture and deliver four white northern falcons. Lots of falconry in the story (according to the jacket RL, the writer, has been a falconer all his life). I've got a friend that does this, and have always been very interested.

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Gave this 100 pages but found I really didn't care about the characters. Just wasn't my cup of tea.

Unbelievable book. I could not recommend it higher. An absolute must read.

abandoned....I may pick it up again. It did not catch my interest.

I just couldn't get into this one.

Excellent Book for guys!

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