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Der Zorn Des Skorpions (2011)

Der Zorn des Skorpions (2011)

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About book Der Zorn Des Skorpions (2011)

Book 2 of the addicting series. A detective working the case disappears over the edge on an article night, leaving her partner and children to try and solve the puzzle before her time ends. Left missing a woman who was merely supposed to be a one night stand, Nate Sanatan soon realizes she's much more important than that and ignores everyone else, following his gut that led him to where she was captive and hunted down like prey. While reading it, I didn't realize that this was the second book in a series, so I guess it worked just as well as a stand-alone book. The pace of the action is good, and the small-town characters are entertaining, but the story just didn't hold the suspense until the end, owing to disconnected subplots and weird writing style. There were many questions left unanswered: no explanation of how and why the killer selected his victims or how he knew when they would be on the highway or why he has adopted this specific MO. (Maybe they were answered in the previous installment)However it is an entertaining and light read.

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Always enjoy Lisa Jackson. This one didn't disappoint me either.

wow!! so many "connections"

Another great book!

Good read.

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