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Der Zweite Messias (2000)

Der Zweite Messias (2000)

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A page turner. This is the second "thriller" I have read by this author. They are fast paced with interesting characters, and just when you think you have it figured out, a new twist happens. Of note is fact that book copy written in 2011 includes the election of a pope whose focus is for the Catholic Church to become more austere, and who himself forgoes the ceremonial trapping of elaborate robes, etc. an interesting book. style of ancient documents found at Qumran and people on the run. Documents that could be a threat to Israel as well as the Roman Catholic Church.What was more thought provoking was the new Pope's desires to open the Secret Archives and to become more transparent to the world. The direction that the Pope planned on taking the Church to is highly refreshing. Don't want to give up much in that realm but it was utterly fantastic when the Pontiff announces that the Vatican is no longer his residence and moves to a simply monastery. Loved it.

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Okuduğum en kötü Glenn Meade kitabıydı, buna benzer o kadar çok hikaye var ki...

an exciting page turner.I enjoyed both the story line and the author's writing style.

A five, for sure!

five stars!

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