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Desire Untamed (2009)

Desire Untamed (2009)

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Okay, usually not a fan of shifters, but I enjoyed this read very much. I think because the story had more to do with plot and character development than focusing on the actual shifting. The steam factor is pretty high; sure to make your hair frizz.I liked Kara, and I loved Lyon. There are some minor characters I loved as well. I felt their journeys were real and believable. Lyon puts the good of the clan above his own desires ... well, *most* of the time. He slipped a time or two with Kara (wink wink). The man just couldn't help himself!Parts of it were a little too predictable. Knew who the bad peeps were, figured out *how* the bad peeps were manipulating everyone. I would have preferred a few more red herrings to keep me guessing at what would happen. Some of the sacrifices in the end did take me a little by surprise, so that's good.Were there parts of the story that were a little weird? Yeah. Parts of the story that were a little awkward? Yeah. Still enjoyable, especially if you want a little steam in your day (or night). My Audible Audiobook Review:Got me interested in a new series! These feral warriors are for Viper...well he is just creepy!Kara is raised human, but she isn't she is the source of power for the feral warriors...the protectors of all mankind. There are villains and angsty romance...but most of all there is action! I loved it.. Great start... I am looking forward to book 2!Nice Narration... Loved the shift in voices... and loved Lyon's voice!Nice credit or sale.!

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Omg I loved it n the way they ended the book makes really want to read the next one

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sklamanie :(

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