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Despierta Al Amanecer (2013)

Despierta al amanecer (2013)

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About book Despierta Al Amanecer (2013)

The Shadow Falls series is another one of those series that I continue with because I'm curious to see where it's going but each time I start a new novel in the series I find myself frustrated with the characters. I have to admit that I felt for Kylie throughout this novel. I really did, she is placed in some really unfortunate circumstances and I feel for her however while there is definitely a story to be told here, if Kylie could stop whining for five minutes, I might actually be able to enjoy her story. This novel could be great with just a little bit less of the main character. Usually I am a huge fan of intense first person narration, I understand their thoughts and feelings but in Kylie's case I find that knowing her every thought actually works against her in my book. She is a young girl trying her best but I get really frustrated with her sometimes. All in all not a bad story, I'm sure I will continue with the series eventually because I do want to know where the story is headed. I'm also super confused where I stand between Derek and Lucas. When i read the first novel I really liked Derek but it may just be me but I got the impression that Derek was supposed to be placed at a distance in this novel. While Kylie may have questioned his motives in the first book she takes it to a new level in this one and while I thought it was just her adjusting to everything in the first one and maybe a bit of paranoia I felt like this novel wanted me to question Derek's motives. If for no other reason than to figure out where exactly these two boys stand I will continue with this series. This book was awesome! I am falling in love with this series. Kylie's story of finding herself, figuring out love, and dealing with her strong-willed friends is good in itself but add to that a camp full of werewolves, witches, faeries, shifters, and vampires and you've got yourself one of the best YA series out there. It's an addicting book that you just can't put down! And after you've finished it, you start searching for the next Shadow Falls book, all ready to dive into that one as well. Very well written and extremely engaging; a must read for any young adult!

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GAHHH LOVED THIS BOOK[so basically Kylie is a mixture of all the supernaturals]

I liked it more than the first and can't wait to read the next! :)

Fun and easy read. A 'teen' summer read.

This was a good 2nd book in the series.


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