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Después Del Puente (2000)

Después del puente (2000)
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Después Del Puente (2000)
Después Del Puente (2000)

About book: I was really excited when I found out about this short story. I scoured the Internet for it and was disappointed when I found it. Honestly, I couldn't even finish it.To me, it read like Cassandra Clare was writing FanFiction of her own story. I understand Cassandra Clare is into fandom (as seen by her MANY references in the books) but I do believe that there should be a line not to be crossed. Leave some things to the readers' imagination, and the story will be successful. Not every single detail of the characters' lives outside of the main storyline needs to be said. But the quality of her writing is as good as ever. Sentence structure and all that was still present. As much as I was always a Wessa fan, and I still am. Forever and always. I still had a special place in my heart where Jem was nestled comfortably. He went through a lot and I loved his character. So reading this was a treat-albeit a hard one without Will there- but I was able to smile and swoon and laugh while Jem and Tessa had their sweet moment. Gah, these characters own me. Every. Single. Piece. I'll probably always favor this group of characters over all others. Jem. Tessa. Will. Jace. Magnus. Charlotte. Henry. Gabriel. Gideon. Simon. Issy. All of them. Oh yeah, and Alec. The whole shadowhunter gang is my all-time favorite group and I can read about all day. Every day. I just love them all. I know many readers are sick of reading about this world. But I say bring it on. I want more. I need more. Clare can do no wrong. *sigh*
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I was thinking Will...Will...Will... The whole time. :'(At least she called herself right.
WTH!!! Another story cassie?? God I'm so tired with this thing but still i'm curious.
Not what I expected. But still for the sake of James Carstairs I liked it. :)
A little porn...But kind of cute....
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