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Detektyw Monk Czystym Bankrutem (2011)

Detektyw Monk czystym bankrutem (2011)

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About book Detektyw Monk Czystym Bankrutem (2011)

I really enjoyed this! I was upset at the way Captain Stottlemeyer treated Monk for the most part of the book also at the way Monk seemed to take Natalie for granted. While Stottlemeyer refused to hire Monk, he had no qualm in using Monk OCD-ness in helping him to solve the cases for free. I could see why Natalie was being frustrated with both men. But the faith she had in Monk made me like her more now. Randy was his usual funny and kind self. Julie was still a snob and spoilt brat, although she did grow up a little. The real fun of this book was watching Monk trying to adapt to the new commonplace jobs Natalie had gotten for them both. First, as sale assistants in grocery store, then as waiter/waitress in pizzaria and finally as assistant in clothing store. Monk’s antics never failed to amuse me although some were exasperating and borderline insane. Monk also had to struggle more when he discovered his usual bottled water brand, Summit Creek, was no longer available. Monk being Monk, chose the hard way to live his life during the bleak period.In a way, I saw this book as a mean to explore more about Monk adapting to sudden and major changes and his relationships with people around him especially Randy, Ambrose, Natalie and Stottlemeyer. The cases were frustrating because we and Monk knew the killer but could not prove how he did it. Overall, a very satisfying read. I realized about half-way through this book that I had already read it... I think I remember having the same feeling the first time I read the book, because I'm pretty sure there are episodes doing both the water plot and the working at a grocery store plot.But then those could have been episodes based on this book. My memory isn't completely clear as where they fell in the series.For the first few chapters, I was getting a little annoyed. They should KNOW Monk is like this by now...but it settled into a better read as it went on.

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Another great book. Never seen any of the shows but love the books.

Another fun adventure with Monk and Natalie

Just as enjoyable as the series.

good book

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