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Devil Red (2010)

Devil Red (2010)

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030727098X (ISBN13: 9780307270986)

About book Devil Red (2010)

The two main characters were the real deal, larger than life, and the banter between them really set the mood of the story Even if you have never read any of the Hap and Leonard detective series, you cannot help being absorbed into these 2 hard core detectives world of murder and mayhem. The banter between them is very real and entertaining, and their view of the world and everything around them really sets the scene for an excellent detective series,this was the first one i had read in the series and i will be looking up more from this dynamic duo, if you like hard core detectives these two are really worth reading. Hap e Leonard devono andare in pensione, è già un po' di tempo che cercano di farlo capire al loro creatore, e stavolta Leonard ha addirittura rischiato di lasciarci la pelle. E la storia procede un po' stancamente come i due protagonisti, con la poco verosimile comparsa di un killer e addestratore di killer bicefalo, di cui si libera, apparendo dal nulla proprio quaando la trama non sa più dove andare, Vanilla Ride.Ogni tanto qualche zampata ridona il vecchio piacere di lettura, ma sarebbe ora che Lansdale passasse ad altro.

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you can NEVER go wrong with a Hap and Leonard book. This one is just as great as all the others!

The characters and the banter were fun, but the mystery and suspense elements were weak.

Hap and Leonard are at it again. A solid read all the way through.

Whew. My first Hap & Leonard. Will be back for more.

Hap and Leonard ride again! Always a pleasure.

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