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Diamond Dust (2013)

Diamond Dust (2013)

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161921556X (ISBN13: 9781619215566)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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This was ok. I had a number of peeves which put me off.Peeve number one, I hate a book which starts with the final scene - I had no idea who the individuals were and it just confused/annoyed me.I didn't feel that I really connected with either Caroline or Tyler.The bad guy was totally bad - a caricature.If my first date went the way Caroline's did with Tyler I would have kicked him where it hurts. The world building in this book was almost nonexistent and it felt really short but it was a really fun read. I enjoyed both main characters and the book had a lot of humor to it. It was great to see a feisty female character and to see virtually no slut shaming. I really enjoyed reading this book but it would need a more complex world building and plot to get a higher rating. Super fun though... was a great vacation read.

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Oh man, those bear shifters are damn sexy!

The series just keeps getting better.



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