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Diamondback Cave (2008)

Diamondback Cave (2008)

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About book Diamondback Cave (2008)

I loved this book, I read this one first out of all the others even though it is the last book, but it didnt give away too much about the other books and it gives enough information to know what they are talking about! It is adventureous, mysterious, and a little bit romantic. It was quite a thriller, that made you want to keep reading on and on to the end. By the end you will wish there was another book to read. The third book in the almost unknown series Serpent Tide, by K.L. Fogg (equally unknown), Diamondback Cave appears to me as an attempt to draw in an older crowd. The previous two books were aimed at readers at a third to sixth grade reading level. While Diamondback Cave's style remains ideal for this level, the plot line seems a poor attempt to create drama and romance. As far as I can tell, all this has done is make the younger readers skip over the "gushy" parts.In all, this is a good book and necessary to finish the story presented by the first two books, but I really only recommend this for young readers and those looking for a quick read.

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Last one in the series, ends REALLY WELL!!! You still get suprised reading it again.

Hooray for Jack! He finally does something cool instead of being just comic relief.

The ending leave you wonder what would happen next.

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