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Diary Of A Male Maid (2013)

Diary of a Male Maid (2013)

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About book Diary Of A Male Maid (2013)

What is a guy to do in college that needs a job, in Sebastian’s case he took over the clients of his girlfriend cleaning house. Ever heard of a male maid, me neither, but I wouldn’t pass one up if I was ever in the market for a cleaning person. It’s a quick read with lots of sex. If you’re cool with older woman going after young college age guys read on. Bastian is a young man that tried to resist these cougars but of course he listens to the wrong head when it came to these women. He didn’t cheat since him and his girl did break up when she left to pursue awesome internship, so you can’t be mad at him for that. It just got ugly really fast and he paid for it dearly.Still a good read if you’re looking for something quick to read. I WISH I COULD HAVE GIVEN 3 1/2*stars. WELL? I WAS A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED, STORY LINE WAS. . .NOT MUCH TO IT. THE STORY GOT INTERESTING NEAR THE END, BECAUSE MOST OF THE BOOK WAS A GIANT F*CK FEST. THE MAIN CHARACTER SABASTIAN WAS A MUFF DIVING-SEX HOUND, I MEAN A STRAIGHT UP D.O.G. AND AN IDIOT. HE MADE HUGE MISTAKES AND BAD CHOICES, ALL THE TIME. I STARTED TO LIKE THE BOOK NEAR THE ENDING BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY GOT BETTER. I HAVE READ THIS AUTHOR MANY TIMES, THE WHOLE "MITCHELL SERIES", AND I LOVED THEM ALL. EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT TOO HAPPY WITH THIS READ, I'M NOT MAD AT MS. FOOR, I WILL READ HER BOOKS AGAIN. SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS, AFTER ALL EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO A TURKEY OR TWO, EVEN IF IT'S NOT THANKSGIVING. ;>

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It was different, entertaining with a twist. I enjoyed it and would reccomend it.

Another great book from Jennifer Foor and there's nothing else for me to say


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