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Diary Of The White Witch (2012)

Diary of the White Witch (2012)

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I can't believe I actually paid $0.99 for this! so disappointing. I saw that it was a prequel for the Witches of East End novels so I jumped on it before I saw the length... I didn't even notice until I was a few pages in and it said I was at 31% already! Now you could blame me for not reading the page number because it is there. But the content was really weak!! For a prequel you kind of expect some background information of some kind. This was more like an opening to a novel rather than a prequel. So I rated one star because something so short could never be called a prequel. The "Witches of East End" series is an adult spin off of Melissa de la Cruz's YA series "Blue Bloods". For full disclosure I have not started the "Blue Bloods" series yet and I am not familiar with any of those characters. Despite that I was completed sucked into this series about two sisters who are witches and have long been separated from each other. This story sees them move back home to their mom Joanna, also a witch. They have long been banned from doing magic but that doesn't stop the first novel from being completely magical. "Diary of the White Witch", a prequel, tells what happens to Ingrid right before the events of the first book.The bad? This is so very short that I would not advise readers to spend any money on this short story for that reason alone. Also the story just dropped off. It didn't feel like a any kind of real ending. The good? The story is entertaining and gives a nice glimpse at the characters before the start of "Witches of East End". The very best thing about reading this story? I really, really loved the first story in this series and its been awhile since I read it. So reading this prequel reminded me all the reasons that I liked that book so much. I loved the characters, the very interesting plot and the solid writing. I immediately powered down my Kindle and ran over to to order the sequel "Serpent's Kiss".

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I love Witches of East End...this was a great, little, short story!

Still debating on the exact rating.

not like the tv series.

I enjoyed this

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