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Dido And Pa (2002)

Dido and Pa (2002)

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About book Dido And Pa (2002)

I first read this book (this entire series) fourteen years ago. Since then, it's been one of my favorite books of all time and Dido Twite one of my favorite characters. Dido and Pa is the Silver Chair of the Wolves Chronicles. It's darker, more complex, and it asks some very good questions. Most importantly:How can somebody write such music - and act so?I can see why Joan Aiken shifted focus to Is for a couple books, and then returned to Dido's earlier adventures. Between the opening and the closing of Dido and Pa, Dido grows up.What makes her? Dido Twite is my favorite character, and of all the books she appears in this really is Dido at her best, but ultimately Dido and Pa is less about Dido and more about Pa. Abednego Twite is the best villain I have ever encountered in any book, written for children or written for adults. He is the perfect villain because his villainy is commonplace, because he has the capacity for eliciting great sympathy, and because, ultimately, he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He's a brilliant musician, but he is an awful father and an even worse human being. Seeing Dido, someone who literally circumnavigated the globe on the strength of her own heart and smarts, falling back into old patterns with her father is chilling. She has the upper hand now--she's just as likely to whack him upside the head as receive a whack upside the head--but she still seeks his approval and affection. Even when she knows she shouldn't. Her frustration with herself is the truest thing about this book.I could say so much more; I've been writing this review for the past fourteen years. I haven't even mentioned the glory of Podge. Nonetheless, I'll end with this: Jo March, Anne Shirley, and Dido Twite all turn down proposals from the boys they grew up with, at least initially. Some of the refusals even stick. When I first read Dido and Pa I was ten and in the throes of my first ever fictional character crush. I couldn't believe that Dido would turn down Simon. It was incomprehensible.It's always worth reading books like this again as an adult. Good job, Dido. No matter how complicated it might make your life, never stop being you.

It was really hard for me to decide between 4 and 5 stars for this one. It really was fantastic in so many ways! The reunion between Dido and Simon was wonderful! Old and new characters become even more endearing and the plot is engaging. This book is also dark and deep. I have read other reviewers who called Dido's pa one of the best written villains of all time and I agree with them! Mr. Twite is anything but flat and Dido's internal conflict about his true character is very thought provoking. Ultimately, I think Dido shows incredible character by trying to give her pa a chance but still standing up to him and getting out when things get really bad. The story was much darker but not as gruesome as The Stolen Lake. I would highly recommend if in spite of a few flaws in the plot and the lack of s perfect resolution for Dido.

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my favorite book in the series, probably because i read it later, in my twneties instead of in middle school. the tone and themes are definitely darker and more complicated. The most interesting part is Dido's relationship with her father and her very conflicted feelings toward him. She knows he's never up to any good, is neglectfully cruel, and a drunk, but she loves his music and can't forget that he is after all her father. Contains my favorite Dido line ever: "Simon! We thought as you was galloping twenty different ways inside of a pack of wolves! The papers said as you'd hopped the twig!"

I love Joan Aiken. This little paperback was in the guest room bookshelf at my parents' house, so I picked it up. Joan is a quick read, zingy characters, fun plots. I had a good time reading Dido and Pa (and was sorry to discover that we did always mis-pronounce Dido's name -- it rhymnes with "Died-Oh" because the other characters occasionally called her "Died-Oh Fright". I was actually reading this book in the car on the way to the airport and didn't get the last few pages done! So I'm not entirely sure how everything was resolved.

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