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Die Auslese - Nichts Vergessen Und Nie Vergeben (2000)

Die Auslese - Nichts vergessen und nie vergeben (2000)

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About book Die Auslese - Nichts Vergessen Und Nie Vergeben (2000)

Very satisfying so far. My feeling that this series would be an excellent suggestion for fans of the Hunger Games/Divergent variety has been absolutely confirmed. I devoured this second book in the trilogy and look forward to the next installment. The lead character, Cia, remains likeable even as she maintains her strength and integrity as the reluctant young leader of a rebellion ala Katniss and Tris. The first portion of the book was engaging, exciting, and fast paced. It introduced lots of new characters who may or not be on Cia's side. Most are not but the ones that are usually are going to serve a purpose towards the end of the book. But about halfway in the book it seemed to switch form a exciting,and fasted paced to a political lecture. They basically told me things that already know like how the government was corrupted. It basically slowed down a lot in terms of the pace and turned into a boring flashback of the events of the first book. It doesn't seem real in terms of Cia. I don't get how out of all the brightest students chosen Cia is the most intelligent of them all and all the other students know she it.I found myself skimming large amount of this book when Cia droned on like a science teacher explaining why she knew everything in the world. I don't need a page long explanation of why the pink poison ivy plant is bad. And Cia just too perfect and it just feels too unrealistic. The ending was good because it left on an exciting event and ended on a cliff hanger. But I don't think I'm going to read the third book.

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Book 2 done & I'm so glad that I have the final book on my bookshelf waiting for me.

Great book, entertaining listen (audiobook version.) Reader does a great job.

I actually liked this one better than the first one. So good!

This was a pretty good book. It was very interesting.


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