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Die Hard (1989)

Die Hard (1989)

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About book Die Hard (1989)

Once locked in the vault of out of print, Graymalkin Media has delivered the goods with "Nothing Lasts Forever".Everybody will have heard of John McLane, star of "Die Hard". Meet Joe Leland, star of the book that started it all. From the very start, Thorp engages his audience and allows them to view the glamour of Los Angeles through third person perspective.There are some differences to the movie regarding some names and plot events. The novel is a lot more graphic and gory, and has a sadder ending than the movie. However, Thorp continues to engage the audiences with an action-packed plot and reluctant hero.The use of flashback sometimes gets in the way of the action, but adds depth of character and background needed to understand some plot elements. Thorp uses a concise style of writing, with not a word wasted. Readers need to read every single word to follow the action."Nothing Lasts Forever" is a must-read for any fan of the movie. It has certainly towered into my top five books of all time. The gritty and somewhat philosophical novel that eventually became Die Hard on the big screen, this book takes a bleaker and more downbeat approach to the taking over of a big Los Angeles skyscraper. The book and the film share several iconic moments, but where the film shies away from the social commentary side of the story, going so far as to rob the invaders of their revolutionary integrity by presenting that as a hypocritical sham to cover up their own greed — thankfully the book does not do this. Overall a bloody arrow of a book and one worth reading, even for those who aren't fans of seeing a string-vested Bruce Willis laying down the law.

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This bestseller was the basis for the blockbuster film "Die Hard"

The book the original "Die Hard" movie was based upon.

Die Hard - The book.


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