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Die Königin Der Unsterblichen: Roman (2011)

Die Königin Der Unsterblichen: Roman (2011)

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About book Die Königin Der Unsterblichen: Roman (2011)

I loved Margaret George's the Memoirs of Cleopatra so I immediately picked this book up ready to be immersed in the world of ancient Egypt. Much to my surprise I found a type of Fantasy surrounding the stories of Cleopatra. The story loosely follows the historical narrative, but then goes hard-core into the realities of the Gods and goddesses. Cleopatra instead of committing suicide,makes a dark spell and becomes possessed by a dark and powerful goddess,Sehkmet. She seems to become a type of bloodsucking immortal! Enter our first ever vampire ?? Enjoyable to a point but the book seemed rushed and I had a hard time with all the ever-changing rules of "shades" and witches and people married to the "wind" and how the Gods really worked. I felt the author just threw the kitchen sink and everything else in to keep the story going! Towards the end, it was a hard buy-in for me. That being said, I really did like the overall writing of the author. I started out a sceptic. After all vampires and ancient Egypt has already been done rather well (thank you Anne Rice) and vampires have been done to death (no thanks to urban fantasy becoming the new chick lit). Still, the eye catching cover drew me in and I succumbed to yet another vampire story (YAVS for acronym lovers).To say this story is rich in historical detail, enthralling in twists and turns and aside from one or two spots of weakness, gripping, would be selling the author short. The story starts at the supposed death of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, lover of Mark Antony, seductress and now enemy of Rome. It details how she loses to Octavian and therefore loses everything. The characters, including the peripheral servants are adequately fleshed out, the leads are morally ambiguous and the pace is galloping.The final delight is the author's source of inspiration from historical documents. If you're an ancient history buff, you'll have a lovely list to peruse, pursue and weave your own imaginings from.

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Throughly enjoyed this book. It combines two awesome subjects vampires and Ancient Egypt.

Awesome book! Cant wait for the follow-up!

Fantastic read.

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