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Die Schatten Von London (2014)

Die Schatten von London (2014)
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Die Schatten Von London (2014)
Die Schatten Von London (2014)

About book: The beginning was a little ruff, but the middle and the end did give me the heebie-jeebies. I did like the unexpected plot twist by the end and the parallels were a nice touch to a well written first book. Although, I didn't really know how there can be another book, because most everything was rapped up nicely. Although I can see what could some potential in future books, because it introduces new things in the last new chapters. The Name of the Star is a murder mystery book. It's about. A girl named Rory who goes to England to study abroad. While she is there she finds a new talent she never event knew she had. Many things happen that are very unusual, ghosts appear and Jack the Ripper is there too. With many twists to the book, it keeps you up on your toes. What I loved so much about it was how the author, Maureen Johnson, added some romance into it also. This is probably one of my most favorite books and I so glad I read it for my IRP project. What striked me the most in this book is how you learn that Jack the Ripper is much, much more dangerous than you might think. Why? You will have to read the book for that. What I find interesting about the book also is how the author took a while to actually start scaring the reader. The beginning of the book does mention how Jack the Ripper is back but nothing interesting happens for a while. I think the author did this so Jack the Ripper will always be on the back of your mind. It's a smart approach, because it kind of involves you into the book itself. my favorite characters would be Rory and boo. They are not so close as friend in the beginning of the book abut they eventually become closer. The talent they share pulls them closer and I think it's a really cute relationship they end up having. I would definitely recommend this book to my fellow friend. The reason why is because it has a perfect mixture of romance and mystery which to me is the best combo one person can get.
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Very good book! I can't wait to read the next one!
Really good. Loved it. More people should read it.
Unbelievably scary. A fantastic read!!
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