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Die Verrückteste Nacht Meines Lebens (2012)

Die verrückteste Nacht meines Lebens (2012)

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About book Die Verrückteste Nacht Meines Lebens (2012)

I did quite like this book. That characters were realistic, which was nice.But it felt very cliche. It had teen parties and drugs and alcohol and boy problems.I didn't like Cooper at all, even though he liked her all along and all that rubbish. I wouldn't have gotten back together with him like Eliza.And cult/brotherhood thing seemed weird.But other than that, it was quite a good book. A night to remember for Eliza and her friends. A night that changed her. This is a funny story that will leave you with many lessons and lots of laughter. It was light but with a little touch of drama. A book that you would love to accompany you in a cold weather (like what we are having here now in the Philippines).I liked the way the author has unfolded the story. It all started with this notebook that contains all of Eliza's secrets and fears. When she lost her notebook, she and her friends Clarice and Marissa has to find a way to get her notebook back. But in order to get her notebook she has to confront her fears and reveal her secrets. Also, possibly rekindle an old relationship with Cooper. Throughout the story she learned many lessons and at the end of it all she gained more than what she had lost.It is a story of friendship and self discovery.

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Where do I start? I guess some people may like it though it was not realistic at all.

interesting till it gets to one point and the end is so obvious that it's boring.



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