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Die Zauberhafte Mrs. Moon (2009)

Die zauberhafte Mrs. Moon (2009)

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About book Die Zauberhafte Mrs. Moon (2009)

'Moon Dance' is book one from the series 'A Vampire For Hire'. I loved the storyline and it's not your average vampire read. I was pulled in from the beginning. The way the story played out was awesome. I loved the characters. Samantha is one kick-ass lead. I love her humor and her outlook on her new life. A great read. Definitely a series I'll follow. Well written. A must add to your tbr list. Recommended. I got this for free. (Yea!) So it has sat in my to-read pile for months. Yesterday I started reading it and liked it quite a bit. I'm thinking vampire private detective has been done before but then throw in the whole mom+vampire+estrangedwife thing and whoo hoo, we've got a story. I liked the angst by the heroine (Samantha Moon) more than I liked the mystery. Obviously the author's setting it up for a series (which he's already into five or six or so) so all the answers aren't falling into our laps. For example we're not exactly finding out who turned Sam into a vampire. (Kind of). Or why. Then there's the vampire hunter who was tracking her and gives her a few clues. Then the whole human husband thing just wasn't working out for Sam. (Her husband used to be okay but turned into a d**khead.) I really enjoyed the vampire part but the mystery plot (hired by a guy to find out who shot him five times) was a little bit of a let down. I liked the writing and it was fresh enough to want to buy the second one. Love indie authors.

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I'm not a fan of vampire books but this was an interesting mystery. Fast paced and easy to read.

Fun novella. Feels unfinished. Looking forward to the next installment.

I enjoyed this story. Can't wait to read the next one.

Fresh perspective of a vampire story!

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