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Dinosaur Vs. The Library (2011)

Dinosaur vs. the Library (2011)
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Dinosaur Vs. The Library (2011)
Dinosaur Vs. The Library (2011)

About book: Oh, I wanted this book to be so much better. We love Dinosaur vs Bedtime. Dinosaur vs the Potty was good, but not as good. This one is a bit of a flop. For me, the biggest letdown is that most of the book is, oddly enough, not about the library at all. The first 3/4 of the story is Dinosaur walking along roaring (and roaring, and roaring) and teaching his roar to the random animals he meets along the way, which is cute but mostly irrelevant to the title. I like that when he (finally) arrives at the library he has to use his indoor roar, I just wanted the scene to arrive sooner. Before the middle, maybe. Oh well...the kids enjoyed the roaring chicks anyway. I read this to Natalie in the book store one day one she was particularly grumpy about her torticollis. Maybe that mood and having to look at it upside down as I read rubbed off on me, but I didn't like this one as much as the first two in the series. I just didn't feel like the running into different types of animals pattern meshed well with Dinosaur. It was still cute and fun, just not as awesome.
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Cute story. Good group reading opportunity for developing readers.
Same great little Dino Rawr! But can he win against story time??
My son actually was reading it to me!!!
One of my favorite dinosaur books :)
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