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Dirty Angels (2014)

Dirty Angels (2014)

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About book Dirty Angels (2014)

4.25Wow Karina Halle does it again. She can turn a train wreck into something good. It takes a real talent to write about horrible people and make you love them and want the best for them. This is not for the faint of heart, honestly though most of the really bad things aren't in your face as you're reading. They kinda happen in the background or in a hypothetical sense. I really picture the drug cartels to be like the way she wrote them. I can't imagine the amount of research involved to pull the setting off. Karina Halle fans should enjoy this and if you like a little of the taboo mixed in with your reads you'd probably enjoy this too. Honestly I'd never have picked this up if I didn't love KH, I'm glad I did! I am book hangover now. I just finished Dirty Angels by Karina, and all I am going to say is WOW. I was totally lost in the book. Hated putting it down to go to sleep or go back to work during lunch. This isn't the happy go lucky love story so many authors go for. The poor girl who falls in love with the billionaire only to be heartbroken and he realizes what he lost. No this is twisted world of Drug Cartels and the dirtiness which lies within those worlds. Karina brings into the life of a girl who does what she thinks is best and your heart breaks for each and every page. This is a must read. Now I have to go back and read the stories that lead up to Javier so I can see who he is more. This is the first book I have read outside of the EIT books by Karina. I will now be buying all her books.

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I had a hard time putting this book down, it was that good! I loved it!

Yummy. The writer has you rooting for the black hearted dirty soul.

loved it cant wait for book two


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