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Disappearance (2013)

Disappearance (2013)
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Disappearance (2013)
Disappearance (2013)

About book: This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I COULD NOT put it down! This is a must read! The author does such a brilliant job in bringing the characters to life! They live - you know them, care about them; you smile when they smile and grieve when they cry. I love reading a book that actually makes you feel like your seeing it yourself. This is that book. It was a little difficult at first just knowing how much truth there is to the book itself but it was amazing and heart touching. I am recommending this book to everyone that loves to read! Enjoy! This book started out with some very graphic and unexpected scenes that would lead you to believe that it's not as it's presented. Get yourself past them and then you get into the heart of the story. It's about the underground world of child slavery, trafficking and government corruption. Sam takes you on his life's mission to save children from these horrific scenes while holding on to any hope of ever finding his own missing son.
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Great mystery with twisted plots that keep you in suspense.
Very compelling and interesting story.
It's OK, nothing special.
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