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Disciplining The Duchess (2013)

Disciplining the Duchess (2013)

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0615777856 (ISBN13: 9780615777856)
Scarlet Rose Press

About book Disciplining The Duchess (2013)

After reading Annabel Joseph's newest "spanking" novel, Taming Lady Townsend, I downloaded this one expecting a book as good as that one. Sadly, I was disappointed. Most of this book, I felt, was disciplined spanking that almost bordered on abuse as opposed to pleasure/pain spanking that done for play. I thought Harmony and Court were poorly matched and didn't really like Court. I won't give up on Ms. Joseph's books but this one was not my favorite. This was an ok read, but not quite what I was hopping for. I admit that I had high hopes for this book but it just didn't develop in the ways that I was looking for. Harmony is a indulged and much loved child of her father, but in truth she comes off as a brat. Her mother died when Harmony was ten or so and for some reason it doesn't seem like she ever had a governess or aunt to help her. She is socially awkward, abrupt, nu-educated in the simplest of thing(for her time), and single minded in getting her way. Courtland is single minded as well which for him is mostly a good thing, right up until he end's up beating Harmony in anger. Yeah... I just never really felt that connection between them, if I had maybe it wouldn't have come off as so harsh. idk. 2 stars

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An easy read - regency romance + spanking. Delicious !!!

Love her books and this one did not let me down:))

This was really good if hard to read in places.

All this spankin retard crap NOT FOR mE!!!

This is a deliciously sexy read

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