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Disgrace (2012)

Disgrace (2012)

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0141399988 (ISBN13: 9780141399980)
Michael Joseph

About book Disgrace (2012)

Why I read this book? Simple: "Keeper of the lost causes" was awsome and I really liked the character development. Here? Not so much.The plot is ok, character of Kimmie is in my opinion written very well. It's other villians that I have problem with. They are grotesque, I'm supposed to be at least a little bit afraid of them, but they come out as overdone, laughable even. Also Assad was slightly overlooked in this installment, maybe to accomodate Rose.Personal note: Jet lag from a flight from Copenhagen to Madrid?? Please! Well this was a huge letdown, especially because the first book in the Series was one the greatest crime-Novels i have ever read. But it does mention "A clockwork orange" one of my favorite films. For brutally assailting and killing innocent people, which i kinda find amusing.Stephen King once Said that you learn more about writing by Reading bad litterature than good.So if you wanna become a good writer read this book :)

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Exciting. Intriquing..Addicting. couldn't stop reading!

a look at Danish wealth------second in new series

a good bookm/plot, along the lines of Ian Rankin

continue to enjoy this series


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