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Distorted Lines (2013)

Distorted Lines (2013)

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About book Distorted Lines (2013)

well, screwed this. I know this one would be hard. and drama. you confused us. really. I mean, look at that. you made her got satisfied and like the real john. damn, I also like that side of him because he knew well how to satisfied girl. then the other john came along. then I knew this would be damn hard and those domineering things would happen and also that dramatic and pathetic feelings would be there since this would be like such a triangle things. so I stopped. I gave up. I'm sorry. the things that bother me also this is the short one and just I just don't want to continue the story. I am really enjoying learning about Cadence - she has been a prostitute for about 4 years and isn't apologetic about the fact that loves sex! In this book we learn that she actually has life goals that have been put on hold until she can leave her pimp & save up enough money for college. A series of events puts Cadence back in the life of John Zane, the man she was intended to sleep with. I don't know much about Mr. Zane other than the fact that he seems to have quite a bit of money & success. I don't know if he is good looking but he sure knows how to turn up the kink level with Cadence! She is loving every minute of it but I'm waiting for the moment when Mr. Zane will go a little too far. So far he is working his way around Cadence's body like a professional! We do know more about hot actor John Cruze who Cadence sleeps with by mistake. He is absolutely drop dead gorgeous & extremely good in bed but there is definitely more of a romantic connection between the two of them. Life seems to be looking up for Cadence - will Mr. Zane help her with her career? Will he continue to push her buttons in the bedroom? Will John Cruze make a reappearance in Cadence's life & what will she do about him? Many good problems for Cadence to have!!

Do You like book Distorted Lines (2013)?

For a short story it has a good plot, depth and is keeping me intrigued.

I want to give it 3 stars...but it's too short!

Again I loved this one

3.5 stars

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