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Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside The U.S. House Of Representatives (2012)

Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives (2012)
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Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside Th...
Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside The U.S. House Of Representatives (2012)

About book: 'I cannot believe that I had this conversation with somebody who was elected to Congress.'-Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, on hearing a Tea Party freshman Congressman tell her that it was acceptable for the United States to default on its debtThis book is very insightful, if sometimes gossipy, and offers a fresh look at the members of the House of Representatives who debated the debt crisis of 2011. This was a rather interesting behind the scenes look at Congress. It is almost more about the personalities involved than it is about the institution itself, though I suspect it was intended to be more than that. It isn't really a history so much as a point in time. I liked it, but don't really feel like I learned very much from it and I'm not really sure what the author intended to convey in writing this particular book, other than perhaps as a reminder that our government is composed of human beings and that the difference between the legislator and the regular idiot on the street isn't all that great.
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This is an unbiased and equally inspiring and unspeakably depressing account of how the House works.
freshmen wave of inexperienced politicians to US House
Required reading for DC political nerds
A book that's fair and balanced.
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