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Doctor Who - 11 Doktoren, 11 Geschichten (2014)

Doctor Who - 11 Doktoren, 11 Geschichten (2014)

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About book Doctor Who - 11 Doktoren, 11 Geschichten (2014)

This is a fun read for all Whovians. All the authors did well in keeping with the original feel of the Doctor for which they were writing. I think only Eoin Colfer brought a new perspective to the Doctor. However, his story was the least cohesive. Richelle Mead stayed in the tone of the sixth Doctor and Perry, but that left for a less enjoyable story. By far, the best stories was Patrick Ness' take on the fifth Doctor and Neil Gaiman's take on the eleventh. In second place would have to come Derek Landy's amusing run in The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage. All of the stories require you to know something about Doctor Who. A definite must-read for true fans of Doctor Who or these authors... 11 stories -one for each doctor. Some stories were a 5 star others were a 3 at most. The stories I didn't quite connect with were #1 and #5( not enough doctor ). Somewhat disappointing -the first one didn't sound like the first doctor. My faves included # 6(maybe not beloved by everyone but I like a more sarcastic doctor), 7,( very interesting premise) 8 and 10 and 11. I enjoyed # 9 because of the companion surprise. #10 was lovely to read because Martha was a favourite of mine. I loved the banter of #2 and Jamie(another favourite companion). Each story was only about 50 pages . #3 and 4 were just above average-easy reads. Recommended for any Doctor Who fan-if you don't like one story move on to the the next one.

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So much fun! Each doctor is so brilliantly portrayed. I can't decide which story was my favorite.

Great collection of stories. My favorites were for Doctors 3, 4, 6, 10, & 11.

This is so, SO good!

loved it.

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