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Don't Close Your Eyes: Wake; Fade; Gone (2013)

Don't Close Your Eyes: Wake; Fade; Gone (2013)

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1442499133 (ISBN13: 9781442499133)
Simon Pulse

About book Don't Close Your Eyes: Wake; Fade; Gone (2013)

Okay, how to start?? Oh I know let's start with the fact that the writing format just wasn't my cup of tea. I've seen some people like that. Okay, there are more ways than one to do something.I still can't get over how unique the idea is! I just hate the storyline. The whole being a dream catcher was cool until Lisa decided to execute weird things- not Tim burton weird. A bad weird.1.) at a small slumber party with two other girls. She sees a dream. Apparently Melinda has the hots for Carrie. And it was an entire paragraph jut about carrie's watermelon boobs.2.) the love connection happened way to fast! To me the most important part of the love story is how the bond is formed. Janie an cabel didn't really form one they just had one. Yes cabel drove Janie home on a skateboard a while back, but that's basically it. They talk, they fall desperately in love. Janie even tells cabel her secret. After like 2 weeks. And now he's the only one that knows her secret. Cabels job gets in the way of their 'relationship' and they brake up and immediately there is this void in Janie's life for two months!! All because of a two week 'relationship'!! Like what the hell????3.) I can't even begin to describe this part okay Janie and cabel get back together. ~surprise~ now cabel has nightmares of his abusive father. Well his father set him on fire. Yes I do find this a good point in the story because it opens up possibilities! Only those possibilities quickly disappeared when Janie asks to see his burn scars knowing fully well cabel isn't ready to relive through his pain. ~Janie's thoughts "oh well I can fix this by kissing the scars until he is on the floor crying" ~4.) in book two the sexual predictor thing seems very promising, only I really didn't like how EXTREMELY graphic the party seen is. "He stuck my nipple in his mouth." It gets worse. *sigh* I guess you kinda expect that whole thing with them looking for a sexual predictor. But even csi and svu is less detailed. 5.) I stopped before I could read any more. Third book Janie and cabel is on vacation when Janie gets a call from Carrie. Carrie tells Janie that Janie's mom in the hospital. So Janie and cabel rush back home and when they get to the hospital Janie sees Carrie and runs to talk to her. When Out of nowhere Carrie tells Janie her long lost dad is in intensive care or something like that. ~ Lisa's thoughts "okay I need a plot twist.... Think...... Oh I know let's throw in something random."Makes since. BUT seriously??? You only mentioned him once in the 1st book and 2 in the second book. And it was like only a few sentences about how Janie wished her father had been there. It bothered meOver all when I sat the book down my thoughts exactly "WHAT THE ACTUAL BLOODY HELL?" Wake started out as just a book I found at the library that I needed for my L/A reading log but I got so interested in it and that's when I got hooked! :) I had to find Fade and when my grandma bought it for me I was SOO happy, EXCTATIC! After finishing Fade I had to get my hands on Gone, the dream catcher series were my "crack" :)! As I read Gone I got to pg. 187 and panicked I couldnt believe I was almost finished. I wanted to cry thinking about the fact that I wouldn't have another to follow...I love the series and I wish there were more books to the series! :)

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I read the books and had to keep reading and I was sad when the wake trilogy ended can't wait to read the next trilogy !!!!!!!
—Diana philopes

very good with good twists through out but ending leaves u hanging...

Unbelievably gripping and emotionally powerful, I just loved it!

5 stars for Wake.5 stars for Fade.2.5 stars for Gone.

It was an easy, mindless, but entertaining read

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