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Dopple Ganger Chronicles (2000)

Dopple Ganger Chronicles (2000)

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1860247741 (ISBN13: 9781860247743)

About book Dopple Ganger Chronicles (2000)

I wanted to like this book, mostly because of the unique format, which mixes text pages with graphic novel style pages and illustrated pages. But the art styles don't complement each other well -- the graphic novel pages are an anime style, as are some of the illustrated pages, while other illustrations are more realistic.The story is a bit much, too. There are twins with the last name Dopple, whose friend bears the surname Ganger (get it?); there's a miserable orphanage, the previous matron of which mysteriously disapeared; there are 2 strangely missing parents (the Dopple mom and the Ganger dad); there's a strange house with strange rules and mysterious occurences; there's a ghost (or is she an "angel"?); there's a seance and a talking puppet; there's a deranged disgraced magician... It's just too much.The blurbs compare the author to C.S. Lewis and the Harry Potter series, but this book, at least, doesn't have the intriguing fantasy or allegorical nature of Lewis's work, nor is it as richly detailed and developed as Rowling's Potter series. I don't see this series (as it's set to be a series) gaining anywhere near the following that Narnia or Potter have. This story of twin girl orphans is probably the most interesting mystery I’ve ever read because it combines regular prose with pages of comic book type cartoons that continue the story. Plus, the story itself is fascinating. A lady comes to an orphanage and wants to adopt one girl but not her twin. With Muzz Elliot saying its one or none, the adopted girl Saskia is taken in a Jaguar with a driver who appeared to dislike all people and animals that might get in his path. Although a jaguar and driver might indicate wealth, the pushing, the coldness of the lady who wouldn’t even smile at her but called her an idle, lazy, vicious brat left her feeling miserable. And poor Sadie was pushed inside a high tower room without food and water to make her miserable since she had made Mr. Martinet miserable in the past. Neither of the twins was happy. What would happen? Would they find a way to get back together?

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I was asked to read this and give my opinion. It was terrible.

Very good liked the comics and the way the story was explained

Can't wait to read the second one!

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